Web Series at SXSW 2013!

I Hate Tommy Finch, a web series, that I helped shoot is getting some play at South by Southwest in Austin this year!  So, if you're in the area, check out the #OUTlanders program at #SXSW.  I'm excited that it's roaming around out there, gettin' more exposure.  It's a great story that was lots of fun to work on.  The live play was absolutely amazing, and it's incredible to see it molded into video & music as a web series--really artistic, transmedia storytelling, fast forward thinkin' of Tellofilms and the lovelies, King is a Fink.

Lets watch the video sneak peek together, again:  Sneak Peek--I Hate Tommy Finch Episode 3

The music of Sami Grisafe and Shannon Nicole was out-of-this-world perfect. You can listen to the incredible tune, Atlantis, on Spotify!  I like to think of it as a little song-story about our recent adventure to California.  I was scared to swim, but my fearless Mariela convinced me that she would teach me how.  We're workin out the details after getting here, [to Atlantis].

And, eh hem...I must admit that one of my greatest film shoot moments, yet... eating sandwiches during a break with Nicole Pacent at the bar...in her bra. I couldn't formulate one intelligible sentence and I was too nervous to finish my sandwich. What can I say:

"I am at heart, a gentleman." --Marlene Dietrich