About us...

Filmmakers & designers dedicated to producing our original crazy content, short films, podcasts, documentaries and motion design cinema which combine our unique sense of comedy and real-life experiences.  Founded in the cab of a big, (broken-down) orange, moving truck in the Spring of 2001 in St. Louis, Missouri. After being forced to get married four different times in various places: Phoenix, Nashville, Chicago; we are happily settled and legally married in the San Francisco Bay Area, #bestcoast.  We are a unique team with a passion for storytelling.


Farrin abbott

Role: Co-Founder

Specialities: Filming, Photography, Editing & Sound Design.

Emmy award-winning filmmaker, video editor and animator with extensive sound design, graphic design and storytelling experience.

Farrin is highly creative with motion graphics and has years of experience with Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere. With a life-long passion for music, Farrin has a special ear for sound. She mixes soundtracks and creates storytelling bits with real audio collected through life. Motivated and organized, Farrin possesses exceptional interpersonal skills and the natural ability to effectively juggle multiple projects at one time. Farrin is a natural team leader, and has a passion for uncovering creative solutions. She thrives in deadline-driven environments and has proven ability at resourcefully working within budget limitations.

She grew up on the wrong side of the tracks but that didn't stop her from graduating from a top-15 university. Driven and unapologetically organized. She sleeps only during render times.

Her loves include... bicycling California, coffee, Stevie Nicks music (window shatteringly loud) and storytelling.

**Opinions expressed here are only her own.

Mariela Abbott

Role: Co-Founder

Specialities: Scriptwriting, Photo manipulation, Production Assistance

Storyteller at heart, Mariela explores character-driven stories, piecing together layers of experiences, events and recurring themes to tell stories in script-form or image.

Mariela writes and collaborates on projects using Celtx script software. She is adept at editing, with experience proofreading and reducing lengthy scripts. Mariela has used both e-publishing platforms and self-publishing site, CreateSpace.

Photoshop is one of Mariela’s favorite mediums for visual storytelling. Lending itself easily to comedy, she uses it to combine unlikely images, creating humorous connections. Mariela also assists with technical aspects of productions; including running second camera, script supervisor, clapboard, sound and lighting design.