Crazy busy times. Cali is amazingness. (Evernote WP email integration sucks...)

Cleanin hard' drives, workin' on illustrations. And now I'm testing my Evernote integration with our portfolio site. Did it work? Evernote is so wonderful. It's like a culmination of my creative work, my professional work, my dumb thoughts, my stencil & painting ideas, to do lists, books to search, startup car audio companies ...and everything is organized separately, but still--together. However, after testing the email features to Wordpress...I have to say: it sucks.  Evernote, I don't want your brand or any other brand all over my website, thank you.  I do not want it imported with a giant ad banner over my words.  I'm editing my reviews of the Evernote app about this.  Don't be corporate douchery. I don't want your brand where I don't want it. I pay for a service.

It reminds me why I hate television and now Facebook.  It's the ads.  It drives me crazy. I get more sponsored posts than real updates by anyone or real businesses.  Gross.

P.S. Please upgrade the audio recorder because our hilarious stories sound like shit from these Evernotes though...srsly. Dropvox er somethin. Try integrating, playing nicely, and removing the corporate douchery. Thank you.