Wine Country

Every single time I cross that Golden Gate Bridge I am enamored with the northern bay area way of life. Every time I come home saying — THAT is what I want to do with my life! Why am I not living like they are??

I get it though. I know that my interpretation is way off because when I go up there, I’m on vacation and so is mostly everyone else up there! It’s easy to think, geez I’m living wrong.

I should be sipping wine at 11am and taking 4 hour power naps until a 4 course dinner—EVERY DAY!

It happened again. We took a long weekend up to Sonoma with one of our favorite couples on the planet. It was marvelous.

Ya know, there are just those people that you meet and you’re connected. This friend is one of them. Her husband 100%, too. It’s like we all just mesh and it feels so good. (She tells that story entirely differently, but this is my blog.)

I laugh until I’m sick. I nap. (I never nap.) I laugh tears. I face fears. I do things I normally wouldn’t ever do and I already miss them. They even make me miss Chicago. We all pulled through some horribly cold nights together there. And whether they knew it or not, they helped pull us through some horribly cold and dark years there. This visit meant so stupid much to me. I hope it doesn’t take us 5 years for the next one!

It’s been a crazy time here lately for friends—whether they’re leaving or getting sick or struggling through tough times. It’s really made me appreciate all of them so much. As RuPaul says: we choose our family.

So I just want to raise my glass to all of those amazing friends that have stuck it out with me for so long. And hell, I even want to raise a glass to those that took an exit! Comedy is all about timing. The impressions you all have made on my life were noticed.

P.S. I finally joined a wine club!!! It’s like my purpose in life now. Just like the time I went kayaking. Somehow I see this one sticking.

P.S.S. Someone else rear ended my poor little baby girl, MINI. What is the fucking deal, people??? Who rear ends a mini full of people wearing giant hats with the top down? Ugh, enough already. That car is going on it’s 3rd bumper and it is only 6 months old!!