peak designs

Best Camera Strap Ever.

I love the innovative film gear that spawns from Kickstarter projects! I'm such a sucker for'em. So when I stumbled across the new Leash & Cuff project I had to jump on. I've been using a Luma sling and I love it, but it doesn't do what I need it to do...stay safely at my side so that I can enjoy life, live in my surroundings without being sidetracked by my camera's whereabouts at all times. I like spontaneous photography and documentary clips, but that's not easy when your camera is a burden. After upgrading my primary shooting lens to the incredible Zeiss 35mm f2, I was concerned about my luma sling--letting my camera bounce around. Enter the Leash by Peak Designs! It's absolutely perfect, in every way. It is constructed of thin seatbelt material that glides perfectly over your clothing--to pull quickly for a shot. But the multiple spot configuration options (strap, sling from the bottom, sling on the side & bottom) makes it perfect for getting your camera in the best spot for YOU. You can also stick your foot in it or wrap it around your belt for stabilizing a shot or shooting video. It's tremendous.

When I throw my camera in a bag, this strap is so soft and slim that I can just let it fall on top...and then she's ready to grab and go!

20121231-091650.jpgI'm concerned that the little bobble clip connectors are going to weaken on the strap...but as long as its not too quickly--I'll just buy another.

I also grabbed a Capture clip with my pledge...and it's just as awesome. I haven't used it as much because the strap is best suited for my usual style, but it's mounted on my Kata bag in waiting for a good mission...say San Francisco Chinatown!?


Back to 3D photo editing! Wheeee!