chasing dreams

Settling In-PR Dreams

Well life is once again a whirlwind and half the time I think I'm still dreaming, but then I wake up on the highway and realize I'm driving one of the most beautiful roads in the country on my way to SAN FRANCISCO...again!!! Yeah, I just finished my first month at...are you ready for this: a TV & Radio station! Don't worry I'm not on TV (yet) but I have an amazing new job doing what I love -- media production. But I'm not writing about my job. I just want to write about the fact that I was told not to chase my dreams in media production. It was never malicious or hurtful, it was real, solid, sound, careful advice that I should pursue something that would enable me to find stable work. The truth is, I wouldn't be here without that stable solid education that I will be literally indebted to until the day I die! But it was never what I wanted to do and that's okay too. It made me have to really work for my media making skills and I'm grateful. I'm grateful that I didn't spend 4 years studying a medium that would change by the time I graduated. I've seen too many "classically trained" filmmakers rest back on their education like it's a card to never have to learn anything new again. Well wake up, this is a digital medium changing faster than software. This isn't the history of the Ming Dynasty...No, I'm actually really glad I studied a whole range of stuff that still interests me. I didn't study one thing.  I spent the longest amount of time in engineering and the skills that I took from that are absolutely invaluable.  The systems and processes thinking and problem solving curiosity never leave. But all along the way I've been trying to tell stories with new mediums and I'm never going to stop.

I spend a lot of Saturday nights working on silly graphics and production workflows but I know that eventually it's going to give me exactly what I want:

  • freedom to work at home in my studio
  • a house with an amazing private pool (think Chelsea Handler's pool)
  • a new black convertible Porsche (911 Carrera, not a Boxster).

I know, it's the little things in life, right... --But wait. Before you go judging me just remember that I grew up an orphan in a cockroach invested shack in a terrible neighborhood. My grandma used to work her hands to the bone for pennies left from your pizza tables. We lived hand-to-mouth every single day. I'm not sorry for wanting more. I work for it. I'll never quit working for it.

By the way, here's the damn puppet that I worked on forever until one day I just decided I was going to write a script and produce something with it and I just did it! So glad I did.

This City is Ab Fab

A few weeks ago, we were exploring in the city--stumbling over all the amazing newness of San Francisco.  We had a little time to kill waiting for a friend when we found Crepes on adorable little crepe place that was open late with a nice, casual, neighborhood feel.  As we sat down we overheard a small group of women chatting away about Ab Fab.  One of the women was explaining all that is...PATSY.  She was doing a terrific job summing up her newfound excitement about this series we've obsessed over since the late 90's.  It was so refreshing to hear.  People talking about actually interesting things?  Hell, people talking at all is a huge advance from Chicago.  Everyone was so concerned with remaining invisible there--walking the streets with this vibe of please don't look at me, or even notice me.  I know, I know...we are a little over the top, so the difference was just so glaring. It just feels so right here.  I can't explain it in words... the friendly people waiting in line at the Treasure Island Flea...talking to you because why not

the courtesy driving--stopping to actually let you in

the way strangers instincts are to just smile at you

the way people dress and act exactly like they want, not looking for your approval...

It's extremely exciting to MOVE to a place you've never been!  It's a constant surprise.  I was so over living in the city (Chicago, that is).  I just didn't want the dirty filth of negativity covering me anymore. The sidewalks like treadmills of people looking straight down, ready to run right into you, and often times stepping right into your shoes!  I didn't expect to love San Francisco, not like this.  I mean, I knew we would find amazing adventure in it.  But this is pure love.  I didn't expect a city park that could dwarf a small town--the wilderness and life so blooming everywhere.  I honestly don't know what took me so long to make it here--other than my own fear of leaving home.  And yes, I miss everyone.  Everyone.  But I know that this journey is just beginning and each day that passes, it becomes more and more home.  I love building it here.

A few of our recent highlights, exploring the city with our new Zeiss lens:

We were lost in the Presidio, enjoying the smooth-vibe, driving of SF. The tunnels, the lights, the wilderness in a city...and BOOM--there was The Bridge.  We took an exit and there she stood, like she was waiting for us.  Quiet and still, nothing going on...but a beautiful spot to enjoy the Bay.

Since I was a kid, I dreamed of just seeing the studio where Stevie Nicks recorded Rumours.  Mariela and her outstanding sleuthing and navigating, took us right to her doors.  It was a small victory, but it just felt like we were finally here.  Amazing.  As I opened the windows and sunroof and kicked up my stereo playing the demo tracks from the Rumours outtakes, it was like you were transported to 1977 and Stevie was wearing her big headphones singing her heart out and the sounds filled the thick forest of trees in that little cove in Sausalito.  I'm sure Mick's drums filled that canyon, now covered in multi-millions dollar homes...

Sorcerer, Stevie's song, was actually demo recorded before Rumours, but we felt it fitting for this shot. Maybe our California plate will be a Rumours track! They are all fitting: Dreams, Never Going Back Again, Don't Stop, Go Your Own Way, The Chain, Gold Dust Woman...hahaha.

So as the weekend draws near, I get antsy anticipation to just breathe the air of San Francisco and I look forward to finding our way into her gates again...


And all drains to the bay around here.