Podcasting is so hard.

I’m trying to find my will to continue podcast editing. Life’s always so busy and I’ve been trying to fill any spare time with bicycling and photography. But we went out with a new friend this weekend and laughed ourselves horse over stories and it really made me want to get back in the groove of our podcast. We have sooooooo many ridiculous stories and I want to tell them so badly.

It’s different though when you’re hanging out with a new friend and you just have so many crazy stories to launch into—than when it’s just the two of us sitting at microphones in our studio.

I am struggling to capture that magic of genuine storytelling. Since our days of stage improv in Nashville, we are just improv artists at heart. We have all sorts of ways that we’ve experimented, but I keep coming back to the fact that…what if we had someone that could join the recordings. What if we had someone to tell the stories to? It would be miles above any sort of production spin magic that even *I* could put on it! ;-)

It’s a big commitment though. And you have all probably gathered by now the fact that I only like to depend on myself because if you want anything done—DO IT YOURSELF.

So I’m making a few promises to myself and to our podcast dream. Naturally, I wanted to put them here to keep me honest and motivated:

  1. I will not overproduce them. I will let them live free—without my enormous efforts in editing.

  2. I will export mp3 roughs for each edit so that I can easily listen on my walks and in the car. To fulfill this promise, I have already exported the 3 drafts we are currently editing. (But let’s face it, I’m only listening to Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Lizzo when I’m driving. Or Salt-n-pepa when I’ve got the top down, just to show my age.)

  3. When there are 5 episodes of 35 minutes each recorded and in-the-can…I WILL BEGIN TO RELEASE.

My goal has been to produce a 6-part series of our favorite stories. I will not let inconvenience or distractions get in my way now. Promise.

But speaking of distractions. Here’s the latest from my lanai collection.

48116208866_a53032a1b1_k (1).jpg

And here’s a long exposure from our podcast studio…sometimes it’s hard to focus in this place!

Sony and Zeiss play so nice together.

Sony and Zeiss play so nice together.