Mantis Shrimp

I finally crossed something off my internet bucket list. Something out in the real world that you only hear about because the internet.

This creature is something I’ve wanted to see ever since I read that awesome Oatmeal post. I hope you’re already down the rabbit hole and know what I’m talking about. Colorful cartoon super-punching shrimp. That about nails it.

Or maybe you listened to the Colors Radiolab podcast and learned all about the MegaSuperRainbow spectrum of colors that they can see with their superior eye cones.

Or maybe you saw the PBS Deep Look vid.

or the Nat Geo one.

I was once where you hopefully are now and I filed it in the back of my mind that the Monterey Bay Aquarium houses one of these ferocious beauties.  

If you’ve got bad knees, this is as close as your going to get to one. Isn’t it cute?!