Tech jam sesh

I really love it when family comes to town and Farrin patiently teaches older people how to improve their tech with the machines they already have and how to make their shit work better by downloading a new App or 3.

Now of course she also teaches me this stuff but I usually forget or get confused, and don’t want to bring her down to my level by asking her the same inane questions all the time, because I thoroughly believe in not wasting out a good resource. I save my no-such-thing-as-a-stupid-question stupid questions for things like mic set up and editing in Audition (over and over and over again).

Then inevitably due to my own ignorance, I don’t really use things like this blog as much as I intend to and the cool tech in my life falls aside. 

Not today! Recently F helped Uncle Ditch set up his blog where he now shares the tales of his travels, along with some really beautiful off-the-beaten-path pics; gives unsolicted tips, documents remote Ferry rides and provides general Ditch observations. 

Photo syncing for intermediate learners. 

Photo syncing for intermediate learners. 

I’m really digging it. It took F a lot longer than she thought to really get it up and running and formatting correctly, and making sure it pulled in pics from Ditch’s Lightroom and all that jazz.  I don’t know where she finds the strength but I’m very grateful. I forgot all about this Blog App that I’m using right now to write this post. And she had already ensured that all my photos automagically show up on my ipad. Cool. 

I’m really inspired by Ditch and his travels. I really hope he keeps blogging the shit out of all of it. I for one am definitely going to blog more now that I know how to use this thing again.